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The Ontario Media Development Corporation (“OMDC”) is committed to respecting the confidentiality of financial information of applicants (“you”) and of personal information provided in any tax credit or Industry Development Fund application (“application” or “applications”).  OMDC’s management of the information you provide to the OMDC in confidence or any personal information is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  Your information will not be used or disclosed except in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as required by law.

How do we use and disclose the information you provide to us?

Any information you provide to the OMDC when you submit an application is used only for the purposes of assessing and evaluating your application and verifying that the information you provide meets the criteria of the specific application.   In the case of an Industry Development Fund application, OMDC will share your application with third parties (i.e., jury members) hired by the OMDC to assess and evaluate your application.

Your email address is collected only for the purpose of replying to any inquiry you submit to the OMDC. OMDC will not share, trade or sell your email address.

The Online Application Portal does not use cookies. Once an application is submitted, the application is stored in OMDC’s internal database.  OMDC reviews your application from an internal database not available to the public.

Tax Credit Applications

For the purpose of processing any tax credit application, OMDC will share your information with the Ministry of Finance (Ontario) in accordance with your completed authorization set out in the Taxpayer Authorization to Exchange Information on Refundable Tax Credit form submitted with your application.  This form can be found on the Portal under the Supporting Documents section of the tax credit applications.

Certain tax credit applications require confirmation of residency for individuals involved in the production or publication of the eligible product.  Personal information from those tax credit applications is collected by OMDC under the authority of the signed individual consents you obtain in connection with the Ontario Residency Declaration/Consent form to be submitted with your application(s). The information collected is used only for the purpose of confirming residency requirements.  For more detailed information about OMDC’s authority to collect that personal information, please see the Ontario Residency Declaration/Consent form found on the Portal under the Supporting Documents section of those tax credit applications that require confirmation of residency. 

The OMDC produces in print, by telephone hotline and/or the World Wide Web a variety of publications including, but not limited to, an annual “Production in Ontario” list and a “Corporate Annual Report”. For the purposes of these publications, OMDC collects and uses the financial data provided in all applications received by OMDC to create an aggregate summary of the number of certificates issued, the number of productions or products certified, the estimated value of the tax credits, and the cost of the product or production. This information does not appear for individual products or productions, but is shown only as a summary in connection with the tax credit category. These lists/reports may be supplied to press, industry and government and are available to the general public on request.

With your consent, OMDC will also include specific production information such as the names of the producer and director in the reports referred to in the previous paragraph. If you consent to the publication of that information, please let us know by signing the “Permission for OMDC Publications” section of the Applicant Declaration form found on the Portal in the Supporting Documents section of the application. 

What if I have any questions about this Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions, please contact the Director, Business Affairs and Research, Ontario Media Development Corporation, 175 Bloor Street East, South Tower, Suite 501, Toronto, ON  M4W 3R8, or contact the Director by phone at 416-314-6858, or by email at: